Talent Intelligence








Censia’s AI-powered talent intelligence technology allows companies to instantly find, evaluate, and hire top passive talent. 


The solution can be used directly in the cloud and can be quickly integrated into most applicant-tracking ATS systems. 




Rank best-fit candidates automatically and get instant candidate comparisons


Censia replaces keyword searches with recommendation modeling to help find and hire the best talent, quickly and at scale.


1. Redesign the main user flow and make it cleaner and intuitive for users. 
2. Reduce the number of actions and time to build a role
3. Made UI that will be adaptive for adding future features and integrations



User Experience (UX) Designer
User Interface (UI) Designer
Visual Designer and Direction



Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Balsamiq, Invision


  • Competitive analysis
  • User interviews
  • Personas
  • User journeys and flows
  • Site map
  • Low-fidelity wireframes
  • High-fidelity mockups and prototypes
  • Design system and UI kit
  • Supervised the delivery across design and frontend teams
  • Usability tests

Duration: 4 months


1st Version Challenges




Complicated UX and UI


The UX on some pages is not intuitive enough. Tricky navigating around the product


Forcing to Add a lot of an unnecessary data


The system requires to select of 3 Ideal Candidates to build a model


Difficulty in using the “Ideal Candidate” function. The search and selection of Candidates are not clear


Challenging to get started and generally takes too long to build a model and all next edits after


There is too much noise on the word cloud page - the analysis of ideal candidates is not smart enough


No guided flow, for many users was not clear what’s next to do

1st Version Flow

Selected Critical Design Priorities

Re-imagine the user journey experience and general UX/UI design


  • Simplify role building process with fewer steps to build the initial model
  • Made more user friendly and clear navigation

New candidate search experience and inputs build a structure


  • Redesign adding and editing inputs process and restructuring inputs categories
  • New clean flow for interaction with candidates

Switch to existing graphical libraries and UI components


  • Use UI libraries that are compatible with our technology stack, versus built-our own 

(React: Plotly, DevExtreme’s Data Grid, Material UI…)


Work Processes and Methods

Market and Competitor Analysis, 
Collecting Ideas, 
Ideating with teams, 
User Interview


User Journey,  
Site Map, 


Interactive prototypes, 
A/B Testings
Finalizing prototypes and delivering  high definition layouts, 
CSS reviewing


First Ideas and Drafts

Site Map


Sam, the Recruiter, quickly creates and hones in on the desired Actionable Candidates in Censia TIP based on their company’s Ideal Candidate that aligns with Jill's requirements and Aaron’s Workforce criteria.


Aaron, Ada, and Danielle easily collaborate together in Censia TIP to manage their Workforce:  Succession & Development, Workforce Analytics & Reporting, and Workforce Planning.


Ada and Danielle use Censia TIP’s Talent Management and Talent Intelligence to easily align their company’s Workforce strategy, current status, near term to future term goals, and actions to ensure their company’s continued success.

Drafting Ideas

The main task was to reduce the number of actions and pages for building the 1st list of candidates.

The solution was found to minimize the initial number of steps and pages for building the role and set all inputs as optional in order to customize the specific searches that users can perform later after checking the first candidate's results.


The main goal was to reduce the 8th-pages process to only 2 pages.

Another part of the work was focused on improving interaction directly with candidates: candidate sorting, ranking, contacting, export...

Another part of the work was focused on improving interaction directly with candidates, like candidate sorting, ranking, contacting, export...

New section structures have been designed for the main search categories to solve the complexities of text clouds.

Which simplified navigation and editing ability.

Other improvements that were defined and improved in the process

“Exclude” and “Must-have” priority to inputs.


A complex feature that was unintuitively disjoined from the main inputs section, and nested in the additional tray. Which required a user to do the double job of entering data like titles, skills, education, companies, priority




“Exclude” and “Must-have” priority integrated into inputs. Made one universal element input (tag) for selecting special priority for each type of term, we use a specific color code for easy catching 

Candidate profile card


Low amount of data about candidates and doesn’t show some overall and Highlights information about candidates Candidate Profile Card V2




More detailed new Candidate Profile Card with the ability to customize order and view of content

Stages for Candidates


Originally the product has only one option to select /add to favorite for candidates (star button)




In the new version was added a new feature that allows to user make many selections to mark candidates and allow them to separate into different groups and filtered in the candidate funnel

Final Visuals

V2 Achievements




New smart workflow that works for the Novice User and Advanced Power User


Total flexibility in editing and extracting data with new search methods 


Identify highly qualified and capable candidates now in seconds


New clean flow for work with candidates


A new design environment that allows to integrate new features and sub-product easier and with a native look everywhere 


Added new features like "Anonimus search", "Quick Search" "Company Search", "Candidate Portal"...

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