Branding identity for a furniture company





PTAHA is a young brand of contemporary furniture designed and produced in Europe. PTAHA has a multinational team in Munich (Germany) and Kyiv (Ukraine). The brand creates modern furniture for home and office.



The inspiration for branding and corporate identity was taken from Scandinavian aesthetics of minimalism and nature. The main idea of the brand was focused on natural elements like hard metals, bronze, solid wood, stone, and was united in this brand - its colors, form, and other design elements.  

The main element of the logo is a stylized bird (Ptaha - translate from Ukrainian) that symbolizes the brand name.



The main challenge was to create witch can stand out from its main competitors and at the same time looks very modern, trendy, be unique, and memorable.



I started with many drafts, then I selected 6 options, after some analysis and edits I select 3 the best options, present them to my client. After a presentation with the client, we came to a conclusion and chosen a logo that more suits and shows the spirit of the brand.

After that, I created a company letterhead, business card, flyer, catalog, etc.



Solo project



Research, interviews, design



Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign.




My design for PTAHA won several awards:

2018 MUSE Creative Awards Winner

2018 A' Design Award in Graphics and Visual Communication Design Competition Category 2017 IDA Design Awards Honorable Mention 2017 American graphic design award

2017 Ukrainian Design: Best of Corporate & Brand Identity


Featured on: Behance, Minimalissimo magazine, We And The Color Magazine.