UI/UX design





Web application for brokers and real estate developers that help easily find the desired lot for the future building, view and understand the zoning code's restrictions, modeling 3D building and generate the most optimal building plan.



The main task was to improve the existing App and add new payment functions, redesign the search function and navigation, build new design elements, and function.



Worked in a team with CEO and developers



Users interviews, user observation, user journey, wireframes, prototype, user testing.



Sketch App, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop


Functionality in navigation, such as a search, and filtering system, has been fixed. Navigation has become more visible and more understandable for users who use this application for the first time.
Has been added to the new system to display the number of remaining searches, due to which the user can see how many active searches he has and knows when he needs to purchase a new package.
Made a simplified transition for the purchase of new searches.


New page was created for the payment section, with all the packages, their description and what is included in each package.


Created a new page "My account" that includes information about the user, his/her plan, the number of searches, includes information about the company where he or she works, payment methods, the function of changing the password, the history of all his/her searches.